Nude Sculpture

A very ‘hands on’ experience

Get your hands dirty (you don’t have too, we do have gloves too) and come join us for a very tactile, hands on experiance.

This is the most fun you can have at any kind of clay sculpting class.

We give you themes and ideas of what you can make, you also get to keep your creations!

This is a guided art class with host to guide you & Male Art Model poses for your visual pleasure.

We use air dry clay, which this is specially formulated clay that drys in 1 or 2 days, so NO need to take to a kiln to finish the hardening process

We start the class with making cheeky objects, then work up to having a go at sculpting the male body, our art host demonstrates some basic clay moulding techniques & is actually quite fun & easy to try.

This is a very fun class that guests enjoy, we play music to get you into the mood Guests are welcome to order drinks from the bar & mingle.

Your welcome to take photos of guests & when the model is not posing & is covered with their towel.


Combine 2 classes to make a value packed 2hrs of visual & physical fun!

Plus our Private Karaoke Lounge is included with any 2hr party booking.

Party Packages

  • 2hrs - Nude Sculpture

  • 2hrs - Nude Sculpture + Life drawing

  • 2hrs - Nude Sculpt + Dance class (choose one of our dance style)

Whats included

Art Host to entertain & guide you through the class.

Fun & Friendly Male Art Models for your artistic inspiration.

All Professional Art Materials including special air dry clay, French Maid aprons, clay gloves plus tables & chairs.

Carry bags, to place your sculpture in.

Costumes & Private Dressing Room.

Keep your creations or give as gift to the hen, B’day person or someone special (they make great keep sakes).

Photos With Model plus lots of #selfie & group photo time.

Private Karaoke Lounge available after any 2hr party booking.