Life drawing + Bollywood Party

Add some spice to your night

Bollywood dance party

Bollywood dance party

Bollywood dance is an explosion of fun

Our dance classes are packed with fun tips & easy to try dance moves.

Get your Bollywood moves happening with a hot & spicy Indian dance routine. 

All to the latest Bollywood beats.

High energy dance style, we don’t make you sweat like a workout but it is fast paced, which is half the fun!

Groups enjoy wearing the colourful saris & taking photos in them

Everyone gets to dress up

We keep the party vibe going for all our classes, with music playing and your guests are welcome to eat and drink the whole duration.



Party options

(all 2hr classes include private karaoke lounge)

1hr Bollywood dance class

2hrs Life drawing + Bollywood dance class

2hrs Nude Sculpture + Bollywood dance class

2hrs Bollywood dance + Belly dance, Burlesque OR 80's/90's dance class

2hr classes include - 2hr class, plus private karaoke lounge (for up to another 2hrs).

Great value for money.

#happyhens at HensLoveArt


Bollywood costumes for all guests to wear, Sari & sparkly hip scarf.

Private dressing room full of fabulous costumes. Your hen gets to dress up in a full Bollywood costume.

Studio party times

Classes are run to set times on Saturdays

  • 1-3pm

  • 3-5pm

  • 5-7pm

  • 7-9pm

  • 9-11pm

For 1hr classes, please check available times.


Whats included

Entertaining & professional Bollywood Dance instructor

Guests & hen get to dress up

Art hostess to entertain & guide you                 

HOT Male Model - drawing or sculpting class

Dressing room

Photos #selfie and group photo time

Complimentary e-invites to send to your guests upon request

Private karaoke lounge available for up to 2hrs after any 2hr class.

TIP: Combine the Bollywood Dance class with Life drawing OR Nude sculpture for a jam packed 2hrs of entertainment!

Colourful, upbeat & spicy are just a few words to describe Bollywood dance & music.