Life drawing + Belly dance Party

Dance under the exotic moonlight

Belly dance party

Belly dance party


Learn fun hip shaking moves to exotic music and wear real Belly dance hip scarfs


  •  Fantastic hip shaking drum beats

  • Professional dance instructor will show you classic poses and hip moves

  • Once you put the hips scarfs on, its so much fun

  • Your hen has the option to wear a full Belly dance costume

Our classes are designed for parties in mind, so guests can eat & drink during the class.  We play music the whole time & have special stage lighting.  


Party Options


1hr Belly dance class

2hrs Life drawing + Belly dance class

2hrs Nude Sculpture + Belly dance class

2hrs Belly dance + Bollywood, Burlesque or 80's dance class


We create group and individual photos to keep for lasting memories.

group and individual photos to keep for lasting memories.


2hr classes include - 2hr class, plus private karaoke lounge (for up to another 2hrs).

Great value for money.

Whats included

Entertaining & professional Belly dance instructor

Guests & hen get to dress up

Art hostess to entertain & guide you                 

HOT Male Model - drawing or sculpting class

Dressing room

Photos #selfie and group photo time

Complimentary e-invites to send to your guests upon request

Private karaoke lounge available for all 2hr classes.

Combine your Belly dance class with life drawing OR nude sculpture for a jam packed 2hrs of entertainment!


Belly dance, hip scarfs for all guests to wear.

Private dressing room full of costumes.

Your hen gets to dress up in a full Belly dance costume.

Studio party times

Classes are run to set times on Saturdays

  • 1-3pm

  • 3-5pm

  • 5-7pm

  • 7-9pm

  • 9-11pm

For 1hr classes, please check availability.

Get ready to hear hypnotic drum beats and be swept away to the Sahara.