Life drawing + 80s/90s Dance Party

Girls just wanna have fun!

80s & 90s Dance Style

Created for those that want a 'not so serious' dance class.

Discover or remember an unforgettable era of dance, style, fashion & music.  Warm up, with Jane Fonda, Flashdance, Thriller, Cindy Lauper & Madonna. 

Come dressed up in a 80's theme, or bust out your best or worst fluro aerobic gear OR don't dress up, its totally like ok.

Combined the dance class with our Life Drawing OR Nude Sculpture Art Classes, for a hilarious night to remember.



Party Options

All 2hr classes include use of our Private Karaoke Lounge

  • 1hr - 80s/90s dance class 

  • 2hrs  - Life drawing + 80s/90s dance 

  • 2hrs - Nude Sculpture + 80s/90s dance

  • 2hrs - 80s/90s dance class + your choice of another dance style

  • 2hrs - Costumed photo shoot + 80s/90s dance class

Whats included

  • Professional & highly entertaining dance instructor

  • Classic 80s/90s dance moves and music

  • Learn fun dance routines, dance moves and flashmob styles, with our fun dance instructors.

  • Special disco lighting

  • Lots of group photos & #selfie time


  • Private dressing room full of trendy 80s /90s inspired outfits, classic Dynasty glamor, fluro workout wear, 90s Grunge & loads of sparkly festival wear.

  • All guests get to dress up in costumes that we provide.

Party times

Classes are run to set times on Saturdays

  • 1-3pm

  • 3-5pm

  • 5-7pm

  • 7-9pm

  • 9-11pm

For 1hr classes, please check availability. 

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